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Hydraulic jack has a capacity of 10 tons. The hydraulic lifter has 6 cm2 and 360 cm2 pistons. Determine the diameter of the small piston (d) and the force I will create on the piston (F). Design a single-reverse and a double-reverse lever.

Correct answer:

d =  2.764 cm
F1 =  1666.6667 N

Step-by-step explanation:

S1=6 cm2 S2=360 cm2  S1 = π (d/2)2  d=2 S1/π=2 6/3.1416=2.764 cm
m2=10 t kg=10 1000  kg=10000 kg g=10 m/s2  F2=m2 g=10000 10=100000 N  p1=p2 F1/S1 = F2/S2  F1=F2 S2S1=100000 3606=360100000 6=360600000=35000 N=1666.6667 N

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