Candy and boxes

We have some candy and empty boxes. When we put ten sweets in boxes, there will be two candies and eight empty boxes left. When of eight, there will be six candies and three boxes left. How many candy and empty boxes are gone when we put nine sweets into a box?

Correct answer:

x =  51
y =  11

Step-by-step explanation:

b(k8) 10=2 b(k3) 8=6  b10k=78 b8k=18  Row2Row1Row2 b10k=78 2k=60  k=260=30 b=78+10k=78+10 30=222  b=222 k=30  b(ky) 9=x 222(30y) 9=x x=9n+6 y=n+6 n2 9n+6222 n24 2n24 n=5 x=9 n+6=9 5+6=51

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