Tropical, mild and arctic

How many percent of the Earth's surface lies in the tropical, mild, and arctic range? The border between the ranges is the parallel 23°27' and 66°33'.

Correct answer:

p1 =  8.2592 %
p2 =  51.9459 %
p3 =  39.7949 %

Step-by-step explanation:

A=23+27/60=20469=23.45  B=66+33/60=201331=66.55  r=6371 km  h1=rr cos(A° rad)=rr cos(A° 180π )=63716371 cos(23.45° 1803.1415926 )=526.19555 km h2=rr cos(B° rad)=rr cos(B° 180π )=63716371 cos(66.55° 1803.1415926 )=3835.66927 km  S=4π r2/2=4 3.1416 63712/2255032235.9549 km2  S1=2π r h1=2 3.1416 6371 526.195521063699.1055 km2 S2=2π r h2=2 3.1416 6371 3835.6693153542506.7173 km2  p1=100 SS1=100 255032235.954921063699.1055=8.2592%
S3=S2S1=153542506.717321063699.1055132478807.6118 km2 p2=100 SS3=100 255032235.9549132478807.6118=51.9459%

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