Polya's method

On the way home from school, Dora likes to eat cookies. One daytime, just as she reached into her backpack, Swiper jumped into her path and grabbed her bag. It stole half of her cookies plus two more. A bit shaken, Dora continued home. Before she had a casual to eat a cookie, Swiper jumped into her path again and stole half of her cookies plus two more. Upset, Dora continued. However, before she had a chance to eat even a piece of cookie, Swiper jumped out and did the same thing - took half her cookies plus two more. Now there were only two pieces of cookies left in Dora's backpack. She sat down and began to sob. Then the Swiper reappeared, feeling some remorse, and told her it would return all her cookies to her if she told them how many she had altogether when she started. How many pieces of cookies had been in Dora's backpack?

Correct answer:

a =  44

Step-by-step explanation:

d=2 c=2 (d+2)=2 (2+2)=8 b=2 (c+2)=2 (8+2)=20 a=2 (b+2)=2 (20+2)=44   Verifying Solution:  B=aa/22=4444/22=20 C=BB/22=2020/22=8 D=CC/22=88/22=2

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