Shopping trips

Luke bought some fresh produce. He picked up two oranges and three bananas. The cost of Luke's shopping was $18. Georgia also went to the same shop and bought five oranges and seven bananas. The cost of Georgia's shopping was $44.

Write and solve a system of linear equations to represent the two shopping trips. Find the cost of one orange and one banana.

Correct answer:

o =  6 USD
b =  2 USD

Step-by-step explanation:

2o+3b=18 5o+7b=44  2 o+3 b=18 5 o+7 b=44  3b+2o=18 7b+5o=44  Pivot:Row1Row2 7b+5o=44 3b+2o=18  Row273 Row1Row2 7b+5o=44 0.14o=0.86  o=0.142857140.85714286=6 b=7445o=7445 6=2  b=2 o=6=6 USD

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