Treasury 73334

Peter has only two crowns in the treasury and can divide them both in a ratio of 4:5 and in a ratio of 4:7. How many crowns does Peter have in the money box if the amount saved is less than 300 CZK?

Correct answer:

x1 =  198 Kc

Step-by-step explanation:

a=4+5=9 b=4+7=11  9=32 11 ...  prime number LCM(9,11)=3211=99  d=2 LCM(a,b)=2 LCM(9,11)=198 x<300 x1=d=198=198 Kc   Verifying Solution:   p1=4+54 x1=4+54 198=88 p2=4+55 x1=4+55 198=110 p3=4+74 x1=4+74 198=72 p4=4+77 x1=4+77 198=126

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