Three-quarters of boats are white, 1/7 are blue, and nine are red. How many boats do we have?

Correct answer:

n =  84

Step-by-step explanation:

3/4n + 1/7n + 9 = n

3/4·n + 1/7·n + 9 = n

3n = 252

n = 252/3 = 84

n = 84

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Dr Math
An example in original writing: "three-quarters of boats are white, 4/7 are blue and 9 are red. How many boats do we have? " have no solution because of 3/4 + 4/7 = 37/28 > 1

And equation: 3/4n + 4/7n + 9 = n has negative solution n=-28

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