Drill bit

Bill's 3/8 inch drill bit is missing and is needed for a job. He can get by with drilling a smaller hole than 3/8 inch as long as it is as close to 3/8 inch as possible. Which of the following bits would be the best to use?

A. 13/32 inch
B. 23/64 inch
C. 1/2 inch
D. 5/16 inch

Correct answer:

x = B

Step-by-step explanation:

d=3/8=83=0.375 in A=d13/32=0.37513/32=3210.0313 in B=d23/64=0.37523/64=6410.0156 in C=d1/2=0.3751/2=81=0.125 in D=d5/16=0.3755/16=161=0.0625 in  B<A<D<C B= 23/64 inch x=B

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