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Bolek and Lolek each had their own arithmetic sequence. Both Lolek and Bolek's sequence started with the number 2023 and ended with the number 3023. The two sequences had 26 numbers in common. The ratio of Bolek's and Lolka's difference was 5:2. What is the difference between Bolk's and Lol's differences?

Correct answer:

x =  12

Step-by-step explanation:

a=2023 b=3023  d1:d2 = 5:2 5 ...  prime number 2 ...  prime number LCM(5,2)=25=10  w=LCM(5,2)=10  d=261ba=26130232023=40  d1=d/w 5=40/10 5=20 d2=d/w 2=40/10 2=8  x=d1d2=208=12

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