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Peter and Paul finished the first round of orders in 3 hours and 15 minutes. Peter, however, works a lot faster than Paul does; Peter is 2 and a half times as fast as Paul. For the second day of shipping orders, peter is unavailable; paul will have to do the same amount of work by themselves on the second day.
How long in hours : minutes will it take Paul to complete the same amount of work on their own?


b = 11:23 hh:mm Wrong answer

Step-by-step explanation:

t=3:15=3 hr 15 min =3+6015=3.25 hr=3.25 a=b/2.5 a1+b1 = 1/t b/2.51+b1 = 1/t  b2.5+b1 = 1/t b=t (2.5+1)=3.25 (2.5+1)=891=11.375=11:23 hh:mm   Verifying Solution:  a=b/2.5=11.375/2.5=2091=4.55 h  s=t (1/a+1/b)=3.25 (1/4.55+1/11.375)=1

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