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A granite cube with an edge length of 1 dm and a weight of 2.5 kg is completely immersed in a container of water. How much buoyancy does it lighten? How much pressure does the cube exert on the bottom of the container?

Correct answer:

F1 =  10 N
F2 =  15 N

Step-by-step explanation:

a=1 dm m=1:10  m=0.1 m m=2.5 kg ρ1=1000 kg/m3  g=10 m/s2 V=a3=0.13=10001=0.001 m3  G=m g=2.5 10=25 N  m2=ρ1 V=1000 0.001=1 kg  F1=m2 g=1 10=10 N
F2=GF1=2510=15 N

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