Sphere floating

Will a hollow iron ball float with an outer diameter d1 = 20cm and an inside diameter d2 = 19cm in the water? The iron density is 7.8 g/cm3. (Instructions: Calculate the average sphere density and compare it with the water density. )

Correct answer:

x =  0

Step-by-step explanation:

d1=20 cm d2=19 cm ρ=7.8 g/cm3 v=1 g/cm3  r1=d1/2=20/2=10 cm r2=d2/2=19/2=219=921=9.5 cm  V1=34 π r13=34 3.1416 1034188.7902 cm3 V2=34 π r23=34 3.1416 9.533591.364 cm3  m=ρ (V1V2)=7.8 (4188.79023591.364)4659.9244 g  ρ2=V1m=4188.79024659.92441.1125 g/cm3  ρ2 > v  x=0

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