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Ondra, Matěj, and Kuba are returning from collecting nuts. They have a total of 120. Matěj complains that Ondra has the most as always. The father orders Ondra to sprinkle it on his Matěj so that the number of nuts doubles. Now Cuba is complaining that he has the most.
At his father's command, Matěj sprinkles Kuba by doubling the number of nuts. Ondra is angry that he has the least of them now. So Cuba sprinkles Ondra by doubling the number of nuts. Now everyone has the same, and finally, they are calm.

How many nuts did each of the boys initially have?

Correct answer:

o =  55
m =  35
k =  30

Step-by-step explanation:

o+m+k = 120  o1 = om m1 = m+m = 2m k1 = k  m2 = m1k1 = 2mk k2 = k1 + k1 = 2k1 = 2k o2 = o1  o3 = o2 + o2 = o1 + o1 = (om)+(om) k3 = k2  o2 = 2k  o1 = 2k  (om) m3 = m2  o+m+k=120 2k(om)=120/3 (om)+(om)=120/3  o+m+k=120 2 k(om)=120/3 (om)+(om)=120/3  k+m+o=120 6k+3m3o=120 6m6o=120  Pivot:Row1Row2 6k+3m3o=120 k+m+o=120 6m6o=120  Row261 Row1Row2 6k+3m3o=120 0.5m+1.5o=100 6m6o=120  Pivot:Row2Row3 6k+3m3o=120 6m6o=120 0.5m+1.5o=100  Row360.5 Row2Row3 6k+3m3o=120 6m6o=120 2o=110  o=2110=55 m=6120+6o=6120+6 55=35 k=61203m+3o=61203 35+3 55=30  k=30 m=35 o=55
k=30  skuska/zkouska: o1=om=5535=20 m1=m+m=35+35=70 k1=k=30  o2=o1=20 m2=m1k1=7030=40 k2=k1+k1=30+30=60  o3=o2+o2=20+20=40 m3=m2=40 k3=k2o2=6020=40

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