Water tank

The water tank shape cuboid has a width of 2.3 m and length twice larger. How high will reach water if water flows into 19 liters of water per second during 52 minutes?

Correct answer:

h =  5.6 m

Step-by-step explanation:

a=2.3 m b=2 a=2 2.3=523=4.6 m Q=19 l m3=19:1000  m3=0.019 m3 t=52 min s=52 60  s=3120 s  V=Q t=0.019 3120=251482=59.28 m3 V=a b h  h=a bV=a 523251482=2.3 4.659.28=5292964 m=5.6 m

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