Variations with repetition

The calculator calculates the number of variations with repetition. A variation of the k-th class with repetition of n elements is any ordered k-element group composed of only these n elements such that each element can be repeated any number of times.



Vk(n)=nk  n=10 k=4  V4(10)=104=10000

The number of variations with repetition: 10000

A bit of theory - the foundation of combinatorics

Variations with repetition

A variation of the k-th class of n elements is an ordered k-element group formed of a set of n elements, wherein the elements can be repeated and depends on their order. A typical example is the formation of numbers from the numbers 2,3,4,5, and finding their number. We calculate their number according to the combinatorial rule of the product:


Foundation of combinatorics in word problems

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