Two runners

Two runners ran simultaneously towards each other from locations distant 21.4 km. The average speed of the first runner was 1/6 higher than the average speed of the second runner.

How long should each run a 21.4 km, if you know they meet after 78 minutes?

Correct answer:

t1 =  144.9 min
t2 =  169 min

Step-by-step explanation:

t=78 min s=21.4 km v=s/t=21.4/78=3901070.2744 km/min  s1 + s2 = s v1 = v2 (1+1/6) = 1.1667 v2  v1=1.1667 v2 v1+v2=v v1=1.1667 v2 v1+v2=0.27435897435897  v11.1667v2=0 v1+v2=0.274359  Row2Row1Row2 v11.17v2=0 2.17v2=0.27  v2=2.16670.27435897=0.12662527 v1=0+1.1667v2=0+1.1667 0.12662527=0.1477337  v1=0.147734 v2=0.126625  t1=t1=s/v1=21.4/0.1477=144.9 min
t2=t2=s/v2=21.4/0.1266=169 min

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