In the first cellar, there are more flies than spiders. In the second, the opposite. In each cellar, the flies and spiders had a combined 100 legs. Determine how many flies and spiders could have been in the first and how many in the second cellar.

PS. It is enough for us if you write how many solutions this task has.

Correct answer:

n =  4

Step-by-step explanation:

100 = 6m + 8p
[m; p]:

[2; 11]
[6; 8]
[10; 5]
[14; 2]

P= { {[10; 5], [2; 11]},
{[10; 5], [6; 8]},
{[14; 2], [2; 11]},
{[14; 2], [6; 8]}}

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