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The king cannot decide how to distribute 4 cubes of pure gold, which have edges of length 3cm, 4cm, 5cm, and 6cm, to two sons as fairly as possible.
Design a solution so that the cubes do not have to be cut.

Correct answer:

x = 1+2+3:4

Step-by-step explanation:

a=3 cm b=4 cm c=5 cm d=6 cm  V1=a3=33=27 cm3 V2=b3=43=64 cm3 V3=c3=53=125 cm3 V4=d3=63=216 cm3  s=(V1+V2+V3+V4)/2=(27+64+125+216)/2=216 cm3  s1=V1+V2+V3=27+64+125=216 cm3 s2=V4=216 cm3  x=1+2+3:4

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