Electric cooker

During which time, does an electric cooker with power input P = 500 W and with efficiency n = 75% heat water with mass m = 2 kg and temperature t1 = 10°C to the boiling point (t2 = 100°C).
The specific heat capacity of water is c = 4 180 J. Kg-1. K-1

Correct answer:

t =  33.44 min

Step-by-step explanation:

P=500 W n=75%=10075=0.75 m=2 kg t1=10 °C t2=100=2006.4 °C c=4180 J/kg/K  T=t2t1=510032t1=2006.410=90 K Q=m c T=2 4180 90=752400 J  P2=P n=P 43=500 0.75=375 W  Q=P2 t  t2=P2Q=375752400=510032=2006.4 s  t=t2 min=t2:60  min=2006.4:60  min=33.44 min=25836 min=33.44 min

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