Kate thought of a five-digit integer. She wrote the sum of this number and its half in the first line of the workbook. On the second line, write a total of this number, and its one fifth. She wrote a sum of this number and its one nines on the third row. Finally, all three lines' sum and result wrote on the fourth line. Then she was amazing and found that the third line has a written cube of a certain natural number.

Determine the smallest number Kate can think of in the beginning.

Correct answer:

n =  11250

Step-by-step explanation:

9999 < n < 100000 n=11250 l1=n+n/2=11250+11250/2=16875 l2=n+n/5=11250+11250/5=13500 l3=n+n/9=11250+11250/9=12500 l4=l1+l2+l3=16875+13500+12500=42875 l5=353=42875 n=11250

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