Five number code

I have a 5 digit code on the bag that I forgot. All I remember is that it was a symmetric number and the sum of its digits was 22. Write all the numbers that can be a code. .

Correct answer:

n =  41

Step-by-step explanation:

n=41 n1=16861 n2=17671 n3=18481 n4=19291 n5=25852 n6=26662 n7=27472 n8=28282 n9=29092 n10=34843 n11=35653 n12=36463 n13=37273 n14=38083 n15=43834 n16=44644 n17=45454 n18=46264 n19=47074 n20=52825 n21=53635 n22=54445 n23=55255 n24=56065 n25=61816 n26=62626 n27=63436 n28=64246 n29=65056 n30=70807 n31=71617 n32=72427 n33=73237 n34=74047 n35=80608 n36=81418 n37=82228 n38=83038 n39=90409 n40=91219 n41=92029

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