Temperatures) 41991

Calculate the radiator output if it has a thermal gradient (difference between inlet water and return temperatures)
a) 5 ° C
b) 10 ° C
c) 15 ° C
d) 20 ° C

A heating water volume flow is 45 kg / h. How fast the water flows in the supply pipe to the radiator

e) DN16 a
f) DN20?

The DN designation is the nominal diameter in millimeters. The tube inside diameter.

Correct answer:

P1 =  583.3333 W
P2 =  1166.6667 W
P3 =  1750 W
P4 =  2333.3333 W
v1 =  13.8155 cm/s
v2 =  8.8419 cm/s

Step-by-step explanation:

t1=5 °C Q=100 kg/h T=1 h s=1 3600  s=3600 s c=4200 J/kg/°C  W=Q c t1=100 4200 5=2100000 J/h  P1=W/T=2100000/3600=583.3333 W
P2=2 P1=2 583.3333=1166.6667 W
P3=3 P1=3 583.3333=1750 W
P4=4 P1=4 583.3333=2333.3333 W
D1=16 mm cm=16:10  cm=1.6 cm S1=π (D1/2)2=3.1416 (1.6/2)22.0106 cm2 ρ=1000 kg/m3 g/cm3=1000:1000  g/cm3=1 g/cm3  V1=Q/ρ=100/1=100 dm3/h V2=V1 cm3=V1 1000  cm3=100 1000  cm3=100000 cm3 V3=V2/T=100000/3600=925027.7778 cm3/s  v1=V3/S1=27.7778/2.0106=13.8155 cm/s
D2=20 mm cm=20:10  cm=2 cm S2=π (D2/2)2=3.1416 (2/2)23.1416 cm2  v2=V3/S2=27.7778/3.1416=8.8419 cm/s

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