Dana helped

Dana helped her dad build a sandbox for her younger sister. The sandbox is shaped like a rectangular prism that is 4 1/2 feet long and 4 feet wide. Dana used bags of sand to fill the sandbox 1/2 of a foot deep. Each bag contained 1/2 of a cubic foot of sand. How many bag must she buy?

Correct answer:

n =  14/1 = 14

Step-by-step explanation:

a=421=4+21=24 2+1=29=4.5 ft b=3 ft c=21=0.5 ft V1=21=0.5 ft3  V=a b c=4.5 3 0.5=427=643=6.75 ft3  n1=V/V1=6.75/0.5=227=1321=13.5  n=n1=13.5=14

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