The surface

The surface of the cylinder is 1570 cm2, its height is 15 cm. Find its volume and radius of the base.

Correct answer:

V =  4712.389 cm3
r =  10 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

S=1570 cm2 h=15 cm  S=2pir(r+h)  1570=2 3.1415926 r(r+15) 6.283185r294.248r+1570=0 6.283185r2+94.248r1570=0  a=6.283185;b=94.248;c=1570 D=b24ac=94.248246.283185(1570)=48341.045457937 D>0  r1,2=2ab±D=12.5663794.25±48341.05 r1,2=7.50000024±17.496378952553 r1=9.996378713821 r2=24.996379191286   Factored form of the equation:  6.283185(r9.996378713821)(r+24.996379191286)=0  r=[r1]=[9.9964]=10 cm  V=π r2 h=3.1416 102 15=4712.389 cm3

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