A diesel car

A diesel car costs $2599 more than an unleaded petrol car and travels an average of 25,000km per year. Diesel petrol has a consumption rate of 7.4L per 100km and costs $1.39 per liter. Unleaded gasoline has a consumption rate of 8.5L per 100km and costs $1.65 per liter. How many months would it take to justify buying the more expensive diesel car financially?

Correct answer:

x =  34

Step-by-step explanation:

m=25000/12=36250=2083312083.3333 km/m c1=7.4 1.39/1000.1029 USD/km c2=8.5 1.65/100=40005610.1403 USD/km  m1=m c1=2083.3333 0.1029=245143=214247214.2917 USD/m m2=m c2=2083.3333 0.1403=164675=292163=292.1875 USD/m  d=m2m1=292.1875214.2917=483739=77484377.8958 USD/m  x1=2599/d=2599/77.895833.3651  x=x1=33.3651=34

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