Mix 68 l of water with temperature of 87 °C, 17 l warm of 42 °C and 55 l water of 50 °C.

What is the temperature of the mixed water immediately after mixing?

Correct result:

t =  67 °C


V1=68 l V2=17 l V3=55 l  t1=87 t2=42 t3=50  t=V1 t1+V2 t2+V3 t3V1+V2+V3=68 87+17 42+55 5068+17+55=67CV_{1}=68 \ \text{l} \ \\ V_{2}=17 \ \text{l} \ \\ V_{3}=55 \ \text{l} \ \\ \ \\ t_{1}=87 \ ^\circ \text{C} \ \\ t_{2}=42 \ ^\circ \text{C} \ \\ t_{3}=50 \ ^\circ \text{C} \ \\ \ \\ t=\dfrac{ V_{1} \cdot \ t_{1}+V_{2} \cdot \ t_{2}+V_{3} \cdot \ t_{3} }{ V_{1}+V_{2}+V_{3} }=\dfrac{ 68 \cdot \ 87+17 \cdot \ 42+55 \cdot \ 50 }{ 68+17+55 }=67 ^\circ \text{C}

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