Distribution of property

Rajendra, a farmer, had two sons and two daughters. He decided to divide his property among his sons and daughters. So he wrote a "WILL" about the distribution of his property. According to his "WILL", he desired to give 3/5 of the property to his sons in equal proportion, 1/3 rd to his daughters in equal proportion, and the rest to a charitable trust. After his death, his "WILL" was opened and read out by the Advocate in the presence of all villagers. Now answer the following questions.

a) How much of the property each son gets?
b) How much total money was given to daughters and sons?
c) How much of the property Charitable Trust gets?
d) How much of the property each daughter gets?

Correct answer:

a =  3/10
b =  14/15
c =  1/15
d =  1/6

Step-by-step explanation:

a=53/2=5 23=103=0.3
c=1b=11514=151 151514=15151514=151514=151=0.0667
d=31/2=3 21=61=0.1667

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