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The king gave the mason Václav the task of building a wall 25 cm thick, 50 m long, and 2 m high. If Václav had worked without a break and at the same pace, he would have built a wall in 26 hours. However, according to the valid royal regulations, Wenceslas must comply with the following conditions:

-He must take just six half-hour breaks during work.
-At the beginning of the work and after each half-hour break, when he is sufficiently rested, he can work a quarter faster than the normal pace, but not longer than one hour.
-Must work for at least 3/4 hours between breaks.
In what shortest time can Václav fulfill the assigned task?

Correct answer:

t =  27.25 h

Step-by-step explanation:

t1=26 h  t2=t1/7=26/7=7263.7143 h t2> 3/4  h=1/t1=1/26=2610.0385  t=t1+6 0.57 0.25=26+6 0.57 0.25=4109 h=27.25 h

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