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The plane flew from airport m on a course of 132° to airport n, then from n to p on a course of 235°. The distance between the airport's mn is 380 km, np 284 km. What will be the return course to m, and what is the distance between the airport's pm?

Correct answer:

φ =  13.8016 °
n =  420.12 km

Step-by-step explanation:

φ1=132  φ2=235   p=380 km m=284 km  PNM=180(φ2φ1)=180(235132)=77   n2 = p2+m2  2 p m cos PNM  n=p2+m22 p m cosPNM=p2+m22 p m cos77° =3802+28422 380 284 cos77° =3802+28422 380 284 0.224951=420.12208 km  m2 = p2+n2  2 p n cos MPN  MPN=π180°arccos(2 p np2+n2m2)=π180°arccos(2 380 420.12213802+420.122122842)41.1984   PMN=180MPNPNM=18041.19847761.8016   φ=φ2180MPN=23518041.1984=13.8016=13°486"

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