Let z 2

Let z = 2 - sqrt(3i). Find z6 and express your answer in rectangular form. if z = 2 - 2sqrt(3 i) then r = |z| = sqrt(2 ^ 2 + (- 2sqrt(3)) ^ 2) = sqrt(16) = 4 and theta = tan -2√3/2=-π/3

Correct answer:

x =  8.999
y =  2.2439

Step-by-step explanation:

3i = x1 + y1   i x1=3/21.2247 y1=x1=1.22471.2247  z = x2 + i y2 x2=2x1=21.22470.7753 y2=0y1=01.22471.2247  r=z r=x22+y22=0.77532+(1.2247)21.4495 θ=arctan(y2/x2)=arctan((1.2247)/0.7753)1.0065 rad  z6=r6 (cos 6θ + i sin 6θ)  r2=r6=1.449569.2745 θ2=6 θ=6 (1.0065)6.0388 rad  x=r2 cos(θ2)=9.2745 cos((6.0388))=8.999
y=r2 sin(θ2)=9.2745 sin((6.0388))=2.2439

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