Amy, Cindy

Amy, Cindy, and John shared a sum of money among themselves in the ratio of 5:8:11, respectively. If the money had been divided equally among themselves, Amy would have received an extra $18. (a) Would the amount of money that Cindy received change?

Explain your answer. (b) What was the sum of money?

Correct answer:

C =  48 USD
C2 =  48 USD
t =  144 USD

Step-by-step explanation:

A:C:J=5:8:11 = 5x:8x:11x 5+8+11=24  A2:C2:J2 = 1:1:1= 8:8:8 = 8x:8x:8x  A2 = 18+A  8x = 5x+18 x=18/(85)=6 USD  C=8 x=8 6=48 USD  A=5 x=5 6=30 USD J=11 x=11 6=66 USD
A2=8 x=8 6=48 USD C2=8 x=8 6=48 USD J2=8 x=8 6=48 USD C=C2
t=24 x=24 6=144 USD

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