There were an equal number of carrots, tomatoes, and cabbage in the pantry. Yiguo used 49 carrots som, some tomatoes, and some cabbages. There were 3 times as many tomatoes as cabbages left. Sixteen fewer carrots than tomatoes were left. There were 117 carrots, tomatoes, and cabbages left altogether. How many carrots were there in the pantry at first?

Correct answer:

a =  90

Step-by-step explanation:

a=b=c  y=3z x=y16 x+y+z=117  y=3 z x=y16 x+y+z=117  y3z=0 xy=16 x+y+z=117  Pivot:Row1Row2 xy=16 y3z=0 x+y+z=117  Row3Row1Row3 xy=16 y3z=0 2y+z=133  Pivot:Row2Row3 xy=16 2y+z=133 y3z=0  Row321 Row2Row3 xy=16 2y+z=133 3.5z=66.5  z=3.566.5=19 y=2133z=213319=57 x=16+y=16+57=41  x=41 y=57 z=19  a=x+49=41+49=90

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