The pricelist

The price list of AB homegrown production:
itemprice per pound
green cabbage0.49 USD/lb
yellow squash1.29 USD/lb
strawberries1.99 USD/lb
peppers0.99 USD/lb

Tony purchased a cabbage that weighed 1 2/5 pounds. She also purchased 2 pounds of squash, 5 pounds of strawberries, and 1/3 pound of peppers. Find the total price of Tony's purchase (in dollars).

Correct answer:

x =  13 273500 = 6773/500 USD

Step-by-step explanation:

m1=152=1+52=51 5+2=55+2=57=1.4 lb m2=2 lb m3=5 lb m4=1/3=310.3333 lb  p1=0.49 USD/lb p2=1.29 USD/lb p3=1.99 USD/lb p4=0.99 USD/lb  x1=p1 m1=0.49 1.4=500343=0.686 USD x2=p2 m2=1.29 2=50129=2.58 USD x3=p3 m3=1.99 5=20199=9.95 USD x4=p4 m4=0.99 0.3333=10033=0.33 USD  x=x1+x2+x3+x4=0.686+2.58+9.95+0.33=5006773 USD=13500273 USD=13.546 USD

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