Viewing angle

The observer sees a straight fence 60 m long at a viewing angle of 30°. It is 102 m away from one end of the enclosure. How far is the observer from the other end of the enclosure?

Correct answer:

c1 =  119.9416 m
c2 =  56.7276 m

Step-by-step explanation:

a=60 m A=30  b=102 m  a2 = b2+c22 b c cos(A)  k=2 b cosA=2 b cos30° =2 102 cos30° =2 102 0.866025=176.66918 m  a2=b2+c2k c  602=1022+c2176.66918237203 c c2+176.669c6804=0 c2176.669c+6804=0  p=1;q=176.669;r=6804 D=q24pr=176.6692416804=3996.0000000017 D>0  c1,2=2pq±D=2176.67±3996 c1,2=88.334591±31.606961 c1=119.941552445=119.9416 m c2=56.727629927

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