Constant Angular Acceleration

The particle began to move from rest along a circle with a constant angular acceleration. After five cycles (n = 5), its angular velocity reached the value ω = 12 rad/s.
Calculate the magnitude of the angular acceleration ε of this motion and the time interval required for the first 5 cycles.

Correct answer:

ε =  2.2918 rad/s2
t =  5.236 s

Step-by-step explanation:

ω=12 rad/s n=5 α=n 2π=5 2 3.141631.4159 rad α=21 ε t2 ε=ω/t α=21 ω/t t2 α=21 ω t t=2 α/ω=2 31.4159/125.236 s  ε=ω/t=12/5.236=2.2918 rad/s2

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