The block

The block, the edges formed by three consecutive GP members, has a surface area of 112 cm2. The sum of the edges that pass through one vertex is 14 cm. Calculate the volume of this block.

Correct answer:

V =  64 cm3

Step-by-step explanation:

b=qa c=qa2 S=112 cm2  S=2(ab+bc+ca)=2(q a2+q3a2+q2a2) S=2a2(q+q2+q3)  a+b+c=14 a+aq+aq2=14 a(1+q+q2)=14 a(q+q2+q3)=14q  S=2a2(q+q2+q3)=2a214q/a=2 14 a q  b=aq b=S2 14=1122 14=4 cm  S=2(b/q b+b q b+b q b/q)  S=2(b2/q+b2 q+b2) S/2/b2=1/q+q+1  qS/2/b2=1+q2+q  q 112/2/42=1+q2+q q2+2.5q1=0 q22.5q+1=0  a=1;b=2.5;c=1 D=b24ac=2.52411=2.25 D>0  q1,2=b±D2a=2.5±2.252 q1,2=1.25±0.75 q1=2 q2=0.5   Factored form of the equation:  (q2)(q0.5)=0 q=2  a=b/q=4/2=2 c=q b=2 4=8  V=a b c=2 4 8=64=64 cm3   Verifying Solution:  S1=2 (a b+b c+c a)=2 (2 4+4 8+8 2)=112 cm2 s1=a+b+c=2+4+8=14 cm

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