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Calculate the weight of a block measuring 15 cm, 7.5 cm, and 10 cm made of
a) oak wood (ρ = 800 kg/m3),
b) spruce wood (ρ = 550 kg/m3).

Correct answer:

m1 =  0.9 kg
m2 =  0.6188 kg

Step-by-step explanation:

a=15 cm m=15:100  m=0.15 m b=7.5 cm m=7.5:100  m=0.075 m c=10 cm m=10:100  m=0.1 m  ρ1=800 kg/m3  V=a b c=0.15 0.075 0.1=800090.0011 m3  m1=ρ1 V=800 0.0011=0.9 kg
ρ2=550 kg/m3  m2=ρ2 V=550 0.0011=0.6188 kg

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