Restriction 7442

The figure shows two rows of hexagonal boxes that continue to the right without restriction. Fill in one field with one positive integer so that the product of the numbers in any three adjacent fields is 2018. Determine the number that will be in the top row in the 2019 field.

Correct answer:

x =  1009

Step-by-step explanation:

h: 2,1,1009, 2,1,1009,  d: 1,1009, 2,1,1009, 2,   h(1,4,7, .. 3k+1) = 2 h(2,5,8, .. 3k+2) = 1 h(3,6,9, .. 3k+3) = 1009  2019 = 3 673+0 h(2019) = h(3) x = h(3) x=1009

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