Truncated cone

Calculate the height of the rotating truncated cone with volume V = 1354 cm3 and a base radii r1 = 9.1 cm and r2 = 5.4 cm.

Correct answer:

h =  8.03 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

r1=9.1 cm r2=5.4 cm V=1354 cm3  V=31πh(r12+r1 r2+r22)  h=π (r12+r1 r2+r22)3 V=3.1416 (9.12+9.1 5.4+5.42)3 1354=8.03 cm

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Math student
can u explain why you do (r2 + rxR + R2) in the first step

3 years ago  3 Likes
Dr Math
Fine math problem! Go ahead!

but to prove formula, you need to know how to solve integral

need to solve a cubic equation, as obtained above, to find rises in heights... integral

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