Two forces

Two forces with magnitudes of 25 and 30 pounds act on an object at 10° and 100° angles. Find the direction and magnitude of the resultant force. Round to two decimal places in all intermediate steps and your final answer.

Correct answer:

Φ =  60.19 °
F =  39.05

Step-by-step explanation:

F1=25 lb F2=30 lb α=10° rad=10° 180π =10° 1803.1415926 =0.17453=π/18 β=100° rad=100° 180π =100° 1803.1415926 =1.74533=5π/9  γ = β  α = π/2 = 90°  F = F1 + F2 = (x;y) x=F1 cosα+F2 cosβ=25 cos0.1745+30 cos1.745319.4107 y=F1 sinα+F2 sinβ=25 sin0.1745+30 sin1.745333.8854  Φ1=arctan(xy)=arctan(19.410733.8854)1.0506 rad Φ=Φ1  °=Φ1 π180   °=1.0506 π180   °=60.19  °=60.19=60°1140"
F2 = x2+y2 F=x2+y2=19.41072+33.88542=5 6139.0512   Verifying Solution:  F2=F12+F22=252+39.05122=5 6139.0512

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Dr Math
Angle 100-10 = 90° is right , therefore may be some optimization of calculation made. In general it§s calculated OK.

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