Circular pool

The pool's base is a circle with a radius r = 10 m, excluding a circular segment that determines the chord length of 10 meters. The pool depth is h = 2m. How many hectoliters of water can fit into the pool?

Correct answer:

x =  6102 hl

Step-by-step explanation:

r=10 m t=10 m h=2 m a=t/2=10/2=5 m  α=2 arcsin(ra)=2 arcsin(105)1.0472 rad α2=α  °=α π180   °=1.0472 π180   °=60  °  S1=π r2 2π2πα=3.1416 102 2 3.14162 3.14161.0472261.7994 m2  b=r2a2=10252=5 3 m8.6603 m  S2=2a b=25 8.660321.6506 m2  S=S1+2 S2=261.7994+2 21.6506305.1007 m2  V=h S=2 305.1007610.2013 m3  x=V hl=V 10  hl=610.2013 10  hl=6102 hl=6102 hl

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