Surface and volume

Find the surface and volume of the rotating cone if the circumference of its base is 62.8 m and the side is 25 m long.

Correct answer:

S =  1098.8408 m2
V =  2397.2302 m3

Step-by-step explanation:

o=62.8 m s=25 m o = 2 π r  r=o/(2π)=62.8/(2 3.1416)9.9949 m  S1=π r2=3.1416 9.99492313.8408  s2 = h2+r2 h=s2r2=2529.9949222.9151 m  S2=π r s=3.1416 9.9949 25=785  S=S1+S2=313.8408+785=1098.8408 m2
V=31 S1 h=31 313.8408 22.9151=2397.2302 m3

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