2x cone

Circular cone height 84 cm was cut plane parallel with the base. The volume of these two small cones is the same. Calculate the height of the smaller cone.

Correct answer:

v2 =  66.6708 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

v1=84 cm r1=1 cm V1=31 π r12 v1=31 3.1416 12 8487.9646 cm3  V2=V1/2=87.9646/243.9823 cm3 r1:v1 = r2:v2  V2 = 31   π  r22   v2 V2 = 31   π  (r1/v1 v2)2   v2 V2 = 31   π  r12/v12 v23  v2=33 V2/π/r12 v12=33 43.9823/3.1416/12 84266.6708 cm  r2=r1/v1 v2=1/84 66.67080.7937 cm  V3=31 π r22 v2=31 3.1416 0.79372 66.670843.9823 cm3 V3=V2 = V1/2

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