Three vectors

The three forces whose amplitudes are in ratio 9:10:17 act in the plane at one point to balance. Determine the angles of each two forces.

Correct answer:

A =  53.1301 °
B =  154.9424 °
C =  151.9275 °

Step-by-step explanation:

F1=9 F2=10 F3=17  c1=2 F2 F3F22+F32F12=2 10 17102+17292=85770.9059  u1=π180°arccos(c1)=π180°arccos(0.9059)25.0576   c2=2 F1 F3F12+F32F22=2 9 1792+172102=17150.8824 u2=π180°arccos(c2)=π180°arccos(0.8824)28.0725   A=u1+u2=25.0576+28.0725=53.1301=53°748"

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