Lengths of medians from coordinates

There is a triangle ABC: A [-6.6; 1.2], B [3.4; -5.6], C [2.8; 4.2]. Calculate the lengths of its medians.

Correct answer:

t1 =  9.8843
t2 =  9.8478
t3 =  7.7666

Step-by-step explanation:

A=(6.6,1.2)=(6.6,1.2) B=(3.4,5.6)=(3.4,5.6) C=(2.8,4.2)=(2.8,4.2)  Tx=3Ax+Bx+Cx=3(6.6)+3.4+2.8=1520.1333 Ty=3Ay+By+Cy=31.2+(5.6)+4.2=1510.0667   TXAT = 2:1 t1 = AT+TX  AT=(TxAx)2+(TyAy)2=((0.1333)(6.6))2+((0.0667)1.2)26.5896  t1=23 AT=23 6.5896=9.8843
BT=(TxBx)2+(TyBy)2=((0.1333)3.4)2+((0.0667)(5.6))26.5652  t2=23 BT=23 6.5652=9.8478
CT=(TxCx)2+(TyCy)2=((0.1333)2.8)2+((0.0667)4.2)25.1777  t3=23 CT=23 5.1777=7.7666

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