Faces diagonals

If a cuboid's diagonals are x, y, and z (wall diagonals or three faces), find the cuboid volume.

Solve for x=1.3, y=1, z=1.2

Correct answer:

V =  0.4996

Step-by-step explanation:

x=1.3 y=1 z=1.2  x2 = a2+b2 y2 = b2+c2 z2 = a2+c2  a2 = x2  b2 = x2y2+c2 = x2y2+z2a2 2a2 = x2y2+z2  a=2x2y2+z2=21.3212+1.221.032   b=2x2+y2z2=21.32+121.220.7906   c=2x2+y2+z2=21.32+12+1.220.6124  V=a b c=1.032 0.7906 0.6124=0.4996

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